Nettle and rhubarb or proper nutrition

Nettle and rhubarb are unusual greens that should be added to the diet. The season of fresh greens is always long-awaited.It seems that it is the juiciest and tastiest in the springtime, and our taste buds are quite happy with the fresh flavors. Therefore, we simply do not have the right to neglect this product in our spring diet, but on the contrary, we should pay special attention to it.
All greens are useful. It contains a record amount of vitamins, fiber and antioxidants. Chlorophyll, the enzyme that gives leaves and shoots their bright green color, has a cleansing effect and renews the body at the cellular level. Greens help the gastrointestinal tract to work, support beneficial microflora in the intestines, contain a large amount of fiber, which is needed to cleanse the body of all excess.
Also, fresh greens have a positive effect on hair, skin and the body as a whole, normalizes the level of glucose in the blood and promotes metabolism. If fresh greens are present in the daily diet, then the body resists viruses and infections much more effectively.
But if we are already used to dill, parsley and spinach, then I advise you to pay attention to more unusual types of greens, which will add new sensations to our taste buds and a new sound to ordinary dishes.

The role of young nettle in proper nutrition

Yes, nettle leaves are not inferior in terms of nutrition to beans, peas and other legumes. Nettle cleans blood vessels, promotes blood circulation, activates the activity of all internal organs, and strengthens the basic metabolism.
Young shoots of this plant are used to prepare salads, soups, sauces, baking, and are also fermented like cabbage. Dried leaves are often found in tea blends. Nettle should be subjected to heat treatment as little as possible so that it retains the maximum of useful properties. Therefore, nettles are added to soups at the last moment, and fresh leaves are used to prepare salads. It is necessary to collect nettles in ecologically clean places, as far as possible from roads.